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When you log in to your WordPress dashboard, are you seeing a blank white screen, with only the dashboard menu items on the left hand side?

Possible Cause:  Your hosting company may have recently upgraded to the latest PHP version.

Contributing cause: You may be running a version of WordPress that has not been updated in a long time, perhaps more than a year or two.

To bring back your dashboard, follow the steps outlined below.

IMPORTANT: In order to use these steps, you must have ftp access to your website.  It is highly recommended that you have a backup copy of your website downloaded to your computer before beginning this process.  Our backup plugin of choice is Backup Buddy.  We have included the backup procedure in the steps below:

Here are the general steps we have successfully used on several occasions to solve the issue:

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard so that you can view the blank screen.
  2. Log in to your website through FTP.
  3. Change the name of your .htaccess file to .x-htaccess.  (We will change it back later)
  4. Refresh the browser window where you viewed the blank screen.  It should no longer be blank.  (Your website may not function properly at this point.  Usually the home page works fine, but the internal pages don’t.)
  5. Purchase the Backup Buddy plugin from iThemes. Go there now.  If you already own it and have a reliable backup on your computer, skip to step X.
  6. Install the Backup Buddy plugin by uploading the “backupbuddy” folder into your WordPress plugins folder via FTP. (The plugins folder location is: …/wp-content/plugins)
  7. In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the plugins folder and activate the Backup Buddy plugin.
  8. Once activated, click BackupBuddy/Backup  (bottom left of your WordPress dashboard).
  9. Backup and download a zip copy of your “Complete Backup” (not Database only) to your computer desktop.
  10. Upgrade to the latest version of WordPress (with the confidence of knowing you have a backup.)
  11. With your FTP program, rename the .x-htaccess file back to .htaccess.

You should now be able to view your entire WP dashboard.  You have a quality backup of your website and your website should be functioning properly.

This  process has worked every time we have tried it, but if your website or dashboard still does not function properly, restore it with your backup copy and continue to diagnose the problem.

Your hosting company’s technical support team should also be a good source of information.

logo design, recycle, trees, environmentBrian LaMure started a new business to follow his passion, woodworking.  His goal is to use the entire tree.  Here’s a black and white version of his new logo.  If you would like to find out more about how his business can help you recycle the entire tree, please contact him at:  brian@lamure.us

logo, branding, dental, dentistryI recently worked with Dr. Tigran Khachatryan, DDS, in Bellevue, WA to create a new logo for his practice.  He requested the the logo be simple and elegant while at the same time express happiness and depth of meaning.  Here’s how it turned out!  (You may click on it to view a larger version.)

Here’s how the iFusionIT logo turned out.  They wanted to use the same font that was used on their interior signage, but to create an icon that could stand alone.  The icon needed to look like an IT logo with some serious fusion going on internally.  The version they decided on should represent them well for years to come!

“Mobile Responsive” websites are a great way to attract new customers.  Mobile responsive sites automatically change shape to fit your viewing device, whether it’s a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

If you are building a using WordPress, you can purchase a mobile responsive theme from StudioPress for a one-time $80 fee.

Why is it so important?  If you have the type of business where people use their smart phone to shop for your services, you could be missing out on new business if your website is difficult to read on a smaller device.

Recent statistics show that 88% of adults in the U.S. have a cell phone, 57% have a laptop, 19% own an e-reader and 19% own a tablet.   Sixty-four percent of smart phone owners use their phone to shop online.

How do you know if people are using their smart phones or tablets to shop for your services?  Google analytics.   Watch for my upcoming article on how to easily set up google analytics in WordPress and how to use it to determine the percentage of smart phone users that visit your website.